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 Sandstone Consulting is a franco-indonesian consulting company specialized in the construction and building fields, based in Bali, Indonesia, since 2012. Our competences combine know-how, technological expertise and innovation to offer you customized real estate projects, always closer to your expectations.


What we DO

Our Franco-Indonesian team will help you design and build your real estate project in Bali.



Our team of experts provide   professional support for construction project consulting in Bali.

We will advise and guide you in the choice of architecture & materials, being attentive to your needs and your budget. In addition of it, our experience and local market knowledge will provide you key information regarding crucial factors that provide best results for your projects: scheduling, cost estimating, constructability review as well as administrative and ligitation support.

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We are working with several architects from France, Indonesia or Australia to deliver the best you can wait for your construction project in Bali.

All along the design process, our team and the architect will work together in order to comply with the specifications and meet your expectations. During all the construction process, from the main structure to the interior design, we will constantly follow up with our architects and you to make your dream project come true.


Engineering & Construction

We are specialized in the construction of new projectslike the construction of luxury villas as well as office buildings. With our civil engineers team we will make sure to meet the SNI ( standard nasional indonesia).

We invest the same passion and the same quality attention to meet your expectations, optimize your comfort, maximize your satisfaction and ensure the best return on your investment for your building project. House, villa, guest-house or even hotel, our entire team will dedicate their knowledge to your project.


Process Management & Safety

Once your building site started, our foremen are the real conductors of your project. They are the ones who will coordinate the artisans selected for the project by ensuring the progress of work, quality and safety of goods and people.

Bali Sandstone Consulting guarantees a daily and rigorous monitoring and will send you, via email, a weekly report allowing you to track the progress of the work, even remotely.

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From private homes to complex of villas and resorts, we always dedicate our knowledge to ensure the best quality and customer’s expectations.


This is our franco-indonesian team, always ready to serve with happiness and big smile!











The Story behind la Maison d’Ulysse Bali

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Come and experience our expertise to benefit also from the quality of our constructions.
SANDSTONE CONSULTING BALI Jln. Raya Tanah Lot, Desa Beraban, Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia

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Sandstone Consulting is a building planning & supervising company based in Bali, Indonesia, since 2012, combining know-how, technological expertise and innovation to offer you customized real estate projects, always closer to your expectations.

SANDSTONE CONSULTING BALI Jln. Raya Tanah Lot, Desa Beraban, Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia

Phone : +62 (0) 819 1676 7470  +62 (0) 818 0204 8605


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